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FAQ:  The Strikemaster cover will fit a Clam, or a NILSUSA auger as well.  The only difference is the color of the plastic. 

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Cold Snap Cover for ION

Cold Snap Cover for ION Only $24.99 

Crank Canvas Classic Pro

Crank Canvas Classic Pro Only $59.95  Innovative Crank Bait Storage System

K-Drill Covers

K-Drill Covers Only $24.99 

Cold Snap Reel Wrap

Cold Snap Reel Wrap Only $9.98  ( 2 kits ) Securely Holds Your Reel to your Ice Rod. Greatly Improves Grip and Feel.

Strikemaster Auger Cover

Strikemaster Auger Cover Only $24.99  Snap on blade protector for your 8, 9, 10" Lazer Mag.

T2 Toothpick

T2 Toothpick Only $2.49  Save your valuable tungsten jigs!

NilsUSA Auger Cover

NilsUSA Auger Cover Only $24.99  Hands free blade protection for your 8" Nils!

Clam Auger Cover 8"

Clam Auger Cover 8"  Snap on Blade Protection for your new Clam Outdoors power auger.

Eskimo Auger Cover

Eskimo Auger Cover Only $24.99  Factory Modified Cold Snap to work on your Eskimo Auger!

 Jiffy Auger Cover

Jiffy Auger Cover Only $24.99  Attach your auger cover in one simple step! For 8",9" Jiffy Augers.

Cold Snap Replacement Band

Cold Snap Replacement Band OEM Cold Snap Bands

Cold Snap Rod Clamp

Cold Snap Rod Clamp Only $11.99  per 4 Securely holds your rod to your portable shack poles for easy access. Now in 3 sizes!