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Welcome to the Pro Team Home Page!

Welcome to the Pro Team Home Page!

Look for Pro Team members at events across the Midwest!

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Larry Smith:

Larry Smith: Wisconsin

Dan Houg:

Dan Houg: South Dakota

Craig Oyler:

Craig Oyler: South Dakota

Tod Todd:

Tod Todd: Illinois

Scott Brauer:

Scott Brauer: New York

Rob McAndrews:

Rob McAndrews: Illinios

Jeremy Jeppesen:

Jeremy Jeppesen: Captain: Minnesota

Rod Woten:

Rod Woten: Iowa

Ben Ekrem:

Ben Ekrem: National Director

Tim Moore:

Tim Moore: New Hampshire

Mark Houg:

Mark Houg: Minnesota

Brian Cavanaugh:

Brian Cavanaugh: South Dakota

Jim Pollock:

Jim Pollock: New York

Chad Lade:

Chad Lade: South Dakota