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T2 Toothpick

From Cold Snap

T2 Toothpick

There are many advantages to fishing with tungsten jigs.  Low cost and durability are not on one of them.  Removing an impaled jig from a fish with a foreceps, or pliers will often cause the paint to flake off the jig, or breakage of the hook shank.  This handy tool will save you time, and money on the ice!  It comes pre drilled for attachment to your lanyard, so that it is always close at hand while fishing.  Use summer or winter.  Iceaholics Anonymous Approved.


*******  NOTICE:  The In-Fisherman new product guide had the T2 Toothpick mis-priced.  The toothpick itself is $2.49.  If you would like the Toothpick Hook Remover with Retracting Lanyard the price is $4.99.  This was beyond our control.  Thank you for your business!  -Dan Houg *******

 Only  $2.49
Panfish Toothpick